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15KN handle release hook (EC Authentication)
I Process for hook installation(refer to general drawing)
1.Install the hook with a hook ring(attached tool: special wrench)
*Unscrew and remove the set screw on the round nut(dawing No.07)
* Unscrew and remove the round nut(dawing No.07)
*Remove the pin(drawingNo.06)
*Take out the bush(drawingNo.08)
*Put the bush(drawing No.08)into the hook ring then reinstall the pin(drawingNo.06)then fasten the round screw(drawingNo.07)and the set screw to finish a whole assembly process.

Ⅱ Working instruction(refer to general drawing)
1.Move the hook(drawingNo.15)to the hooking position when the fork handle(drawing No.03) is at unhooking position.
2.Move the fork handle(drawingNo.03)down to the hook protector position by a flexible push rod(drawingNo.02)then insert the protector(drawingNo.02)into the protecting hole.
3.turn the torsion spring(drawingNo.11)on the hook(drawingNo.15),put down the lifting steel cord or the ring.Keep the torsion spring(drawingNo.11)in loose status to prevent the cord dropping then start lifting a heavy object.
4.To carry a unhooking operation,take the protector(drawingNo.02)out of the protccting hole then use the flexible push rod(drawingNo.01)move the fork handle(drawing No.03)upward to the unhooking position the heavy object can drop from the hook(drawingNo.15)freely.
5.Repeat the above hooking and unhooking operation.The hook can work normally when using it.

Ⅲ Repair and maintenance:
1.If find any part that is worn and torn or deformed,it should be replaced.
2.The active position should be lubricated regularly(2-3 months)with grease(Lithium Complex Grease).
3.The hook surface should be cleaned with sewing machine oil per two months and smear with clean sewing machine oil after cleaning to prolong the serice life.
Ⅳ Warning:
To guarantee safe operation the protector(drawing No.02)must be inserted into the protecting hole when lifting a heavy object and it can be taken out only in unhooking status

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